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The 3905 Century Club Mobile Shootout 2021

At the Lake Tiak-O’Khata Eyeball

Saturday, July 17, 2021

9:00 – 11:30 AM CDT

Please join us for a grand Saturday morning competition where you can see how your mobile signal stacks up against the rest! If you do not have a mobile setup, come anyway – this event is a fun spectator sport where you can speculate on whose rig will be Top Gun!

Note to Mississippi State Police: there will be no organized betting on premises.

The winner will be declared Top Gun, and he or she will reign for a year until the next shootout. Second and Third Place entrants will be recognized as Big Gun and Son of a Gun, respectively. Even the last place finisher will not be left out – the Pop Gun designation will stick with him or her for a full year.

The venue this year will be a private air strip operated by Doug, K5BAK, at 1606 Camps Airport Road, Starkville, MS 39759, , about a 45-minute drive from Lake Tiak-O’Khata.

A locator/routing map is included in the Shootout Event Brochure where you will learn all about the shootout, its history, how we score it, where you will go, and everything else you will need to know to go for Top Gun. Please register early on-line, so we can keep the full list of combatants up to date.

Our shootout masters this year will be the Dynamic Duo of the Fourth Area: , and . We look forward to seeing you in Mississippi!

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Past Mobile Shootout Top Guns

2020 Not held due to COVID-19.
Newark, DE
Not held due to venue issues.
Edmond, OK
AE4NT (tie)
KB3PU (tie)
Tarheel 400A
Tarheel 200A
2012 BMW X3
2004 Honda Accord LX
Hitch Receiver
Hitch Receiver
Upperco, MD
WF4H Scorpion Toyota Tundra Breedlove Mount, Center Bed
Branson, MO
WB0PYF Hustler Van On Hatch Back
Nashville, TN
WT0A Scorpion SA6160 Dodge 1500 Mid-bed
De Pere, WI
KD8NNU Scorpion SA680 with humongous cap hat Ram 1300 Mid-bed between bed rails